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Essex Coaching Policy April 2023
Please find below for your information copies of the introduction letter and Essex Coaching Policy which has been approved by all Essex Bowling Associations and sent to club secretaries .
The purpose of this policy is to ensure our bowlers receive the very best coaching. The EBCA remains fully committed to supporting all Coaches, Coach Bowls and EBCS. If you have any bowling needs please let us know via our contact page. 

To: All Club Secretaries in Essex (Both Indoor and Outdoor)


Please find attached documentation regarding the procedures with should be implemented by ALL Clubs in Essex regarding Coaching, by 1st April 2023. 


These procedures have been approved by ALL Executive Bodies within the County.


Should any Club require further assistance please contact Mr Tony Ellis, the Secretary of the 

Essex Bowls Coaches Association, who will provide the necessary assistance. 



Tony Ellis


Essex Bowls Coaches Association

From: Essex Bowls Coaches Association

To: Essex Bowling Association & E.I.C.B.A

Briefing Report


1.    In 2019 The County Executive bodies (ECWBA, ECBA, ECLIBA and ECIBA) commissioned a Strategic Review Sub Committee (SRSC) consisting of representatives of all Executive bodies and coaching organisations to report on coaching within the County of Essex

2.    On 12th April 2020 the SRSC published its findings in a document containing 25 recommendations.

These recommendations were later approved by the County Executive committee’s and have become the basis of the way forward for all coaching in Essex.

3.    The primary recommendations agreed by the County Executive Bodies were: -

a. Both coaching organizations, Coach Bowls (CB) and English Bowls Coaches Society (EBCS) will continue to be supported by the County

b. All Clubs should endeavour to have two coaches with at least one affiliated to Coach Bowls to access funding.

c. Coaches from both organizations should be encouraged to work together

d. It should be mandatory that all coaches obtain a relevant DBS Certification

e. A county coaching structure (EBCA) be formed and implemented.

f.  That every coach should be registered with the EBCA.

Essex Bowls Coaches Association (EBCA)

As directed, the EBCA was formed with “an objective of developing a Coaching Strategy across the County of Essex, which provides top quality practical Coaching at all levels, for all bowlers, coupled with individual and corporate accountability with regard to safeguarding issues and administrative functions.”

The EBCA Executive Board consists of: -

Two representatives from each of the County Executive Bodies



County Coach

Safeguarding Officer


Coaching Development Officer

Data Administrator

Current Record

In the past two years the Association has provided and supported both CB and EBCS level 1, 2 and 3 courses, carried out over 25 Road Shows reaching approx. 700 bowlers, developed a coach’s website, run a markers course in conjunction with the EBUA and provided individual coaching.  Going forward plans are in place to continue to supporting coaches, clubs and bowlers, to introduce new courses and assist in the development of youth and disabled bowling.  

URGENT Coaching Actions

Whilst working with clubs, coaches and bowlers the ECBA has identified the following issues and practices which require urgent attention to ensure the Counties Safeguarding Procedures are fit for purpose in todays sporting and social environment.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Vetting Procedures.

This matter has been the subject of extensive debate following the publication of the Sub-Committees report on Coaching when a recommendation was approved by the County that ALL Coaches trained under either Coaching scheme would be required to undertake a DBS Check. A proposal subsequently endorsed by Coach Bowls albeit EBCS have been very slow to confirm their policy in writing on this subject.

This policy has also been approved at National level by both the Indoor and Outdoor Executives Bodies.

Every effort has been made to give Coaches time to register for a DBS Check, unfortunately there remains a small number within the County who have not undertaken the DBS Procedures.

Some of these same Coaches have also not registered with EBCA or their respective Coaching Body thereby having NO insurance. Failure to register makes identification of these Coaches difficult as well as identifying the numbers involved.

The following action is therefore proposed.


  1. All Clubs within the County of Essex will be instructed that ALL Coaches trained under the Coach Bowls and EBCS Level 1 or above Coaching Schemes must have an Enhanced DBS Check.

  2. All Clubs within the County of Essex should retain data on any Coach operating from their Club regarding up-to-date DBS Vetting, Registration with EBCA and Current Registration with their Coaching Body and current insurance provision.

  3. All Clubs within the County will be instructed that ALL Coaches must register with the EBCA. They will endorse their affiliation form each year that this process has been undertaken.

  • If a Club or Individual choose to disregard this instruction, then they will be acting without the support and authority of the County and in the event of a legal claim in respect of Coaching will be solely responsible for any legal redress.

  • This Policy to be fully implemented by 1st April 2023 (start of Summer Outdoor Season)


Other Coaching Issues for Support and attention

The following matters have been identified for further support and action where required:

These matters will be Actioned and resolved in conjunction with above Proposal. 

1.    Some Clubs not having qualified coaches. The review recommends that all clubs have minimum of 2 coaches, with at least one being Coach Bowls

2.    Qualified coaches who are not currently registered with their governing body.  These coaches will not have the necessary insurance.

3.    Coaches exceeding their qualifications. These coaches will not have had the relevant training and they may not be insured.

4.    Clubs not recognizing the value of Coaching and NOT supporting provision of coaches, within the Club structure. This is not good for either the Coach, Club or members. Reliance on experienced bowlers to coach does not provide best coaching and development for club members

5.    Coaches not willing to coach outside their own Club. The EBCA encourages all Coaches to be available to assist any bowler from any club when asked.

6.    Clubs not annually checking that coaches are registered with their governing body. Clubs should have a copy of a coach’s current insurance document and DBS certificate.

Registration with EBCA

To register with EBCA each coach must have: -

a)   Successfully completed a CB and/or EBCS coaching course.

b)   Be currently registered with that organization and therefore will hold a current insurance policy

c)   Hold a relevant DBS Enhanced Certificate

d)    Only coach within their qualification.

Membership to EBCS is free to all and is renewed annually



As has been experienced by several other Sporting Organisations, ensuring that the County policies regarding Coaching, protect Individuals and stand up to public scrutiny if required to do so is paramount. Also, the majority of Sporting Organisations now accept that DBS Vetting is a mandatory requirement for their Coaching Staff.

By supporting this proposal clubs will be ensuring that their club members receive the best and most relevant coaching and that all legal requirements are completed.

The Board of the EBCA appreciate implementation of these policies may cause some reluctance in some quarters however we will continue to provide support to Clubs if required to minimize any difficulties by discussion or arranging any relevant course, upgrades and assistance with governing body registration and DBS Registration procedures.

This paper is now forwarded for your information and continued support; and as a matter of courtesy, before implementation via correspondence which will be submitted by EBCA on behalf of the Executive, to ALL Clubs in Essex.

Greg Moss

On behalf of the EBCA Board.

19th October 2022

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