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EBCA Meeting 25 Feb 24 : Q&A

Essex Bowls Coaches Association (ECBA):

Meeting Q&A

 Q : What do I need to do to be compliant with County Coaching Policy? 

A; Coaches need to follow these steps :

1. Be currently registered with their coaching authority ( Coach Bowls/EBCS) who will supply insurance..

2. Hold a current Enhanced DBS certificate.

3. Register with EBCA ( free) . 

Q : When do I need to re register with my coaching authority ?

A: Both Coach Bowls and EBCS annual registrations are due in Oct each year. Coach Bowls will contact you, You need to contact EBCS. We suggest you set up an annual Direct Debit. 

Q: How do I obtain an Enhanced DBS certificate? 

A. Coach Bowls coaches should do so by contacting Adam Durin on

EBCS coaching should contact

Full details are on both websites. 

Q How do I register with EBCA? 

A. Coaches can register with  us online via our website or by requesting a paper application from Trevor Hackett via By registering with us you will be eligible to attend EBCA courses and will receive regular updates etc. 

Q What is the advantage of a EBCS coach registering with Coach Bowls?

A. By registering with Coach Bowls EBCS coaches can enjoy the extra benefits and support provided by Bowls England through Coach Bowls. This support can  include access to projects and courses, financial rewards and permission to purchase merchandise etc such as coaching shirts.

 You will also be contacted by Coach Bowls with relevant updates etc. You can register ( Cost £18) via the Coach Bowls website. Please note you still need to keep your EBCS membership current. 

What is the EBCA Coaching Team and how can I join?

A. The EBCA coaching team is a group of EBCS and Coach Bowls coaches who regularly donate their time and expertise to organise and run courses and roadshows. If you are interested in joining us please let us

know. It's a great way to improve your coaching experience.

What is a dual qualified coach and why should I be one ? 

A. A dual qualified coach is someone who holds both Coach Bowls and EBCS qualifications. This maybe Levels 1 and/or 2 in each code or level 1 in one code and level 2 in the other. . The advantage of being dual qualified is that you can take the best practices and teaching from each code and use them to better your coaching. 

Is it true that a level 1 Coach Bowls coach can do EBCS level 2 and vice vera ?

Yes. Coach Bowls will accept a EBCS level 1 coach onto a Coach Bowls Level 2 course. 

EBCS has now agreed to allow a Coach Bowls level 1 coach to complete their Level 2 qualification but

ONLY via the Essex Bowls Coaching Association. 

Q What Safeguarding course qualifications will the EBCA accept from a coach?

A The EBCA will accept any safeguarding qualification relevant to the level and persons coached. We do however recommend that coaches complete a Coach Bowls Safeguarding course as it relevant to our sport and fully recognised by Bowls England. Coach Bowls  and EBCS coaches registered with Coach Bowls should registerer their qualification with Coach Bowls first after which we will recognise their qualification.

As EBCS do not have an official register for Safeguarding we are free to recognise any relevant qualification.

Q What Safeguarding Course should a coach complete? 

A. As previously stated we recommend that all coaches complete a Coach Bowls Safeguarding course in preference to any other. Coach Bowls offer three courses relevant to adult and U18 coaching . Please be sure you complete the relevant course before commencing coaching. 

We have come across a free online  Essex County safeguarding course which on completion we can accept from EBCS coaches however until Coach Bowls recognise the course we cannot accept it from Coach Bowls coaches. 

You can access the course via

If I receive any more queries I will add them to this page. 

Hope this is helpful




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