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Essex County Coaches : The way forward 2021. Dec 20
Since recently announcing the formation of the Essex Bowls Coaching Association, EBCA, and the appointment of key members we have been busy formulating a coaching strategy with the aim of providing every coach in Essex  the opportunity to fulfil their coaching ambitions and to provide the best coaching assistance to all clubs. As part of this process we have identified the following activities which we wish to share with you. Full details of each activity will be provided in due course.
Our priority for next year is to recruit a qualified coach either Coach Bowls or EBCS to be the lead coach in each of our eight areas. The role of the lead coach is to work with the EBCA via the County Coach to support all coaches in their area and to be the main spokesperson for that area. Whilst this is a challenging role, it will also be enjoyable and give this person the opportunity to help develop coaching in Essex.
An additional priority is to provide all coaches with the tools to develop. To do this we will throughout the year be arranging regular courses, presentations and seminars all of which will be voluntary. This should enable all coaches to remain up to date on coaching practices, to share best practice and where applicable increase the skill level within their coaching qualification.
Whilst we have a good number of dedicated coaches throughout Essex we  have clubs with no access to a qualified coach. To redress this we will, with your assistance, be looking to recruit and train more coaches. To do this we will be organising Coach Recruitment Seminars and arranging relevant courses. Part of the role of the EBCA is to support our clubs by providing access to qualified coaches and assisting them to improve current bowling at all levels. It is also part of our role to assist in the recruitment of new bowlers therefore we will be organising recruitment seminars for clubs and coaches who wish to attend. These seminars will cover updated information on recruitment method’s and running open days.
As you can see from above there is lots to be completed in our first year however we all feel that with the ongoing support of all coaches our goals can be achieved .
We trust this information explains our aims for coaching in Essex for 2021 and that you will be able to become fully involved .
If you have any observations, comments or queries please feel free to contact us on
Thank You
Trevor Plank (County Coach) & Terry Mizen (Coaching Development Officer)
On behalf of Essex Bowls Coaches Association
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