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On the 3 December Disability Bowls England are holding an Information and taster session at Falcon IBC Chelmsford. This has been made possible because of the financial support or Sport England and Wheelpower. DBE is a charity and not attached to any National Governing body, although we look to work closely with them to promote bowls for everybody.


The purpose of this event is to promote Disability bowls to clubs and individuals with a view to attracting new people to the game and support those already playing.

Bowls has struggled over the last few years to attract new members and we all know how hard it can be. But have you thought about the  group of people with a Disability who may want to join a club or take up bowls?


Disabilities come in many forms, Physical, Visual, Sensory or Learning difficulties, here at the DBE we support anyone to keep them bowling or introduce them to the game. We do that through the many events, matches, competitions etc we hold during the year. We promote bowls as a social game that can be played at whatever level the individual wants, we can suggest bowling aids if a person has a physical issue, from wheelchairs and bowling arms, to sticks, supports and walkers, all of which can be used on the green indoor or out.


Many of our members have time on their hands , they could be a club officer or volunteer. I can guarantee there is not a club in the country who does not have a player who could become a member of the DBE, how many of their members have a bad back, limited mobility because of hip or knee surgery, balance issues following a stroke, limited sight or hearing, poor memory the list is endless. but none of these conditions stop the player enjoying a social game, having a drink in the bar or playing competitions.


This year we have launched a campaign to promote Supporting Bowlers with a disABILITY. That is what our event at Falcon is about, please come along or let your members know about the event if they are interested and come along and try the equipment for yourselves, meet the team and have a chat or see our players taking part in a game.

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