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Club Recruitment  and Open Days Presentation
If anyone  want's a copy of the presentation please let me know by completing our contacts page. 
I would like to thank everyone who took part and wish you all  success  in your clubs
recruitment and open days. 
Assistance to Clubs. Part of our role as coaches is to assist clubs in training new bowlers. As we know some clubs are well blessed with coaches whilst others have none. Whilst we will all prioritise our club we should also be willing to help others. Without other clubs recruiting and training new bowlers inter club competition will die. 
 If anyone is willing to help out at another club can they please let their Area Coach or myself know. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated especially during the Bowls England Recruitment period 
28 to 31 May. 
Coaching :  Now that we can resume outdoor coaching we can pick up from where we had to leave off . I am aware that several people have already organised this which is great  and I thank you for doing so. I am also aware that some people who are wanting to do upgrade EBCS courses may be looking for a coach. With both of these in mind can I ask you to spare a minute and let either your Area Coach or myself know the following 
      a. Details of any coaching you have restarted and with whom.
      b. Details of any upgrade course you want to do and need a coach for. 
By doing this we can maximise our capability to improve coaching. 
Thank you in advance for supporting this. 
Trevor Plank
County Coach 
for EBCA