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   Essex County Coaching : 2021  Plan          amended  1st Oct 21                                        
    County Coaching Meeting      

    Introduction  and update of EBCA team and aims.      ( Date and location to be  arranged )
    Area Coaches                                                                     
    Recruitment of Area Coaches                Adverts via  ECBA & ECIBA sites and club secretaries     Completed                        Selection of Area Coaches                 Selection by County Coach and Developement Officer      Completed                            Meetings with Area Coaches              Early March : First Meeting  at Falcon.                          Completed by Zoom 

    Coach Bowls course : Follow this link for latest information 

    Additional Courses   (Please let us know if you wish to attend any of the following  and courses will be arranged to suit  )                 Safeguarding                           Coach Bowls are running on line course . Why not do one now? 
     Markers                                                 Oct to Nov           9th October 21 Tilbury                               
     First Aid                                                 Oct to Nov   
    Scoring                                                   Oct Nov


   Coach bowls level 1 Assessments : Falcon 2 Oct                       
   Details of each activity will be published prior to each due date.

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