Essex County Coaching : 2021  Plan          amended  16th Aug 21                                        
    County Coaching Meeting      

    Introduction  and update of EBCA team and aims.      ( Date and location to be  arranged )
    Area Coaches                                                                     
    Recruitment of Area Coaches                Adverts via  ECBA & ECIBA sites and club secretaries     Completed                        Selection of Area Coaches                 Selection by County Coach and Developement Officer      Completed                            Meetings with Area Coaches              Early March : First Meeting  at Falcon.                          Completed by Zoom 

    Coach Bowls course : Follow this link for latest information 

    Additional Courses   (Please let us know if you wish to attend any of the following  and courses will be arranged to suit  )                 Safeguarding                           Coach Bowls are running on line course . Why not do one now? 
     Markers                                                 Sept to Nov           9th October 21 Tilbury                               
     First Aid                                                 Sept to Nov   
    Scoring                                                   Sept to Nov


    Coaching Road Shows          12 Sept 21 Falcon Bowling Club Chelmsford.                            
   Details of each activity will be published prior to each due date.