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2023 Coaching Menu

Half Day - New Bowler 

A 3 hour session ideal for new bowlers with up to 3 years experience.

We cover delivery, line and length and show an etiquette power-point demo

Half Day - Experienced bowler   

A 3 hour session for the more experienced bowler, No 3s and skips

Bowls ballistics, shot decision and building the head + team play are all  covered

Half Day - Purposeful Practice  

Bowlers are taught useful purposeful practices and how to plan and measure improvement

Main Courses

Full Day - New Bowler     

The full day course allows time to assess improvement

The day consists of two 3 hr session during which we practice delivery, line and length techniques 

Full Day - Experienced bowler   

Two 3 hour sessions covering bowls ballistics, shot decision ,building the head and team play

The full day course allows time to practice both forehand and backhand and assess improvement

Full Day - Purposeful Practice  

Two 3 hour sessions conducting purposeful practices, and learning how to plan and

measure improvement


Video Coaching 

Coaches use video recording to analyse a bowlers performance allowing the bowler to see what they are actually doing.  This is a 2 hour Session


Mentors will assist bowlers and coaches over a period of time to achieve their maximum potential

Mentoring is most suitable to those who want to be competition bowlers  or develop their coaching skills 

For more information or to book a session please email

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