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County Coaching Policy : Letter
                                                                                ESSEX BOWLS COACHES ASSOCIATION

Dear Club Secretaries and Coaches
I write this letter with the full authority of the Essex County Bowling Executive Bodies (ECIBA & EBA) all of whom have been fully briefed on this matter and have given their unequivocal support to the policy outlined below ref: Coaching within the County of Essex.
In 2020 following a review of Coaching practice within the County of Essex a report was presented to the Executive Bodies of the County and they approved several recommendations regarding Coaching practice within the County. Since that date considerable e
Gort has been made to implement the recommendations with both Clubs and Individual Coaches. All these recommendations and the Report have been published on the Essex County Bowling Web Sites.
Unfortunately, despite considerable communication and other practical initiatives some Coaches have still not complied with the Policy- as follows:
1. All Coaches must ensure that their Registration with their respective Bowling Association (i.e. Coach Bowls or English Bowls Coaches Society) is kept in date along with their Insurance Certificate to Coach.
3. All Coaches whether trained under the Coach Bowls or English Bowls Coaches Society Manual, must Register with the County of Essex. - Trevor Hackett is the coordinator
4. All Coaches must ensure that they provide and keep their information updated on the County Register.
5. With eGect from the 1of April 2023, it became National Policy that all Coaches must have attended a Safeguarding Course. New Coaches have a further 12 months from certification to attend a Safeguarding Course.
It is also very important that Clubs speak to their Coaches and ensure that they are compliant with County Policy. To ensure that this process takes place, in future Club Secretaries will note that the Annual AGiliation Form which is completed by Clubs will contain a sentence “I certify that Coaches in my Club are compliant with County Policy regarding Coaching”.
As stated, every eGort has been made to help and assist both Individuals and Clubs to implement the above policy. However, some Coaches still have resisted the process. This is no longer acceptable albeit we will continue to help any Club or Individual to implement the process if they have any questions regarding the procedure.
To those Coaches and Clubs who continue to ignore the policy the following situation and consequences will apply with eGect from 1st March 2024.
1. In the Event of a problem occurring involving a Coach or their Club the Executive Bodies of the County will not support the Club or Coach in any litigation issues or problem solving.
2. The Coach or their Club will not be able to benefit from the extensive Coaching Programme which has been prepared by the County Head Coach to support Coaches or Clubs within the County.
3. Any Coach not following County Policy on these matters will not be able to apply for any of the County Coaching Roles i.e. Head Coach or Development Officer.
4. Clubs or Individual Coaches not following the County Coaching Policy will not be able to attend the Road Shows or attend other Coaching Events.

I conclude by once again stating we want to support Clubs and need your cooperation. We do not want to lose Coaches and sincerely hope that any Coach who is currently not compliant with the policy will reconsider their situation and take steps to rectify the situation. Any advice ref procedures should be directed to Trevor Hackett who will assist:

Thank you for your help and co-operation in this matter.

Greg Moss
On behalf of the County 26th February 2024
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