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Thank You to those who have attended our on line Recruitment and Open Day presentation. It was a pleasure to see so many of you and to get a very positive feed back. It would appear that almost everyone went away with an idea or two to incorporate into their club plans and some very good ideas were shared.

Next week I begin the roll out to clubs. If you were unable to join in this week you  and  anyone from your club are very welcome to join  any of the sessions listed below. There is no need to book, just log in. 

Thanks , looking forward to seeing you.


Copy of letter previously  sent to clubs 




Recruitment and Open Days

As we are all aware the recruitment of new bowlers this year will be crucial to many clubs and to our sport in general.

Bowls England have announced plans to run a national recruitment campaign with open days between 28 -31 May.

Whilst this is a very welcome and fully supported initiative it remains important that every club is individually prepared to recruit. 

With this in mind EBCA has produced a two-part recruitment and open days presentation that all clubs are invited to join.

The presentation is based on successful recruitments and is designed to be of use to both clubs who run regular campaigns and those who haven’t done so recently.

The presentation will be available on the following days and times.  There is no need to register just log in using the attached link on your chosen day and time.

Presentation Dates.

 Week 1 Mon 22 March 11-12pm, Tues 23 March 2-3pm, Weds 24 March 7-8pm.

Week 2 Tues 30 March 11-12pm Weds 31 March 2-3pm Thurs 1 April 7-8pm.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 724 2787 7599
Passcode: recruit

We trust you will find a suitable session and look forward to seeing you.


Trevor Plank & Terry Mizen

For Essex Bowls Coaches Association.

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